Core Services

At M&E, our contract recruitment solutions match the right candidate with the right client. Given the diversity of our expertise and experience, we want to effectively communicate what we offer to both parties.

So, we’ve simplified our approach by presenting our “Core Services”.

We currently have five Core Services. We can present contract recruitment solutions for each core service. Each performs an equal and vital role in making us the business that we are today. These are broken down into the following sections shown on the left.

Can’t find your fit?

As M&E continues to grow and diversify as a company, we are always interested in listening to new voices and ideas for contract recruitment services. We are always looking to expand our Core Services as the needs and requirements of the industry change.

So, if you believe you have a skill that we could offer to our  clients or are looking for a skill that we may be able to source from our pool of candidates, please contact us today.