Life Support & ODC Services

Recruitment Support Services

M&E are much more than a contract labour provider. Whilst the provision of skilled labour is central to everything we do, we manage a range of additional recruitment support services and Other Direct Cost (ODC) support, many of which are key factors enabling us to deliver a service that is built around a flexible and responsive approach whilst maintaining total compliance throughout every period of performance.

The additional recruitment support services we offer are as follows:

  • Compliance Management
    • Candidate documentation
    • Local labour laws
    • ITAR
    • Security clearance documentation[AP1] [MK2] 
  • HR functions; leave management, discipline, welfare
  • Travel and Transport; flights, in-country transport, temporary work permits and visas
  • Worksite Administration; administration of deployed M&E personnel and admin assistance provided to client management

With respect to ODC provided to support client requirements in overseas locations, we offer the following:

  • Car Rental Services
  • Office Administration Support and Equipment
  • MHE Training Solutions
  • Commercial Flight Booking
  • Payroll​

Get in touch to find out how our recruitment support services ​could help your project.