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Recruitment Support Services

M&E are much more than a contract labour provider.

Whilst the provision of skilled labour is central to everything we do, we manage a range of additional recruitment support services and Other Direct Cost (ODC) support. 

These are all key factors enabling us to deliver a service that is built around a flexible and responsive approach, whilst maintaining total compliance throughout every period of performance. 

In fact, it is our mission to deliver a plethora of services that provide our clients with the best possible person for the job every time – whenever and wherever they are needed, for as long or short a period as required.  

The additional recruitment support services we offer are as follows: 

Compliance Management 

This includes managing and developing compliant processes and liaising with relevant parties in order to maintain this compliance. 

Candidate documentation processing 

Including CVs, cover letters, application forms and any relevant military documentation 

Local labour laws 

As an example, we previously deployed 124 personnel including MRAP Heavy Equipment Mechanics/Supervisors in Kuwait, ensuring compliance to Kuwaiti labour law and legislation at all times. 

ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) processing 

In summary, ITAR is a set of United States government regulations that control the export and import of defence-related munitions and services.  

We provide sufficient handling and processing of these regulations to remain on top of compliance. 

Security clearance documentation 

Security clearance is an essential process for all candidates. We provide a seamless and efficient service to ensure that all eligible candidates gain their clearance within suitable timeframes. 

HR functions 

From leave management to discipline, employee welfare and more. 

Travel and Transport 

This includes flights, in-country transport, temporary work permits and visas. 

Worksite Administration 

This includes the administration of deployed M&E personnel and admin assistance provided to client management. 

With respect to ODC provided to support client requirements in overseas locations, we offer the following: 

  • Car Rental Services  
  • Office Administration Support and Equipment 
  • MHE Training Solutions 
  • Commercial Flight Booking 
  • Payroll  

As a result of these recruitment support services, we have been able to forge a world-renowned reputation that spans an extensive range of project solutions and recruitment services.  

Over the last 20 years, we’ve proven our ability to work in demanding and austere environments, supporting a range of global military operations, all of which is underpinned by our ethos for high-quality, responsive and cost-effective services.  

Whatever your particular recruitment needs, our team have the skills, passion and drive to ensure that they are met through our range of core services.

To find out more about how our recruitment support services could help your project too, get in touch with our expert team today!

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