Supply & Logistics

Supply & Logistics is often referred to as the backbone of global trade efficiency.

Nothing truer could be said for the effective Supply & Logistics solutions delivered by M&E; we run a variety of complex operations, many of which are based in demanding and austere environments where minimal infrastructure exists.
In fact, we have been helping to develop site-based infrastructure in international locations for nearly 20 years, and have repeatedly demonstrated how our skills, methods and ethos are perfectly suited to establishing, regenerating and supporting national, industrial and expeditionary infrastructure. 
We are subsequently on a continual look-out for highly skilled workers (including entry-level personnel and anyone looking to get into contracting) who are capable of managing increasingly complex supply chain systems and logistics planning, and who want to help deliver effective supply and logistics solutions for complex operations, often based around the world.  

Achieving our Supply & Logistics solutions goals requires an extensive range of contract workers in a variety of different roles, including:

Warehouse Workers 

This role consists of the processing of incoming materials, packing, and shipping stock, and general warehouse organisation. 

Forklift Operators 

This role revolves around assisting with the proficient running of warehouses, loading and unloading heavy materials and carrying out safety checks to the highest standard. 

Supply Technicians 

These individuals are required to oversee all the supplies entering and leaving the warehouses, internalise shipping and stocking rules, and more. 

Our Supply & Logistics solutions are unparalleled at M&E Global. 

Like all our core services, we aim to not only deliver standards of the highest quality, but also react to the changing needs of a project throughout its lifecycle. We respond swiftly to avoid stagnation and ensure that the flexibility, scalability and cost-effectiveness of our logistics solutions are always maintained. 
For more information about any of the Supply & Logistics solutions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

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Discover our expertise in Supply & Logistics 

In our blog, we regularly share articles on the Supply & Logistics specialism, such as “How to kick off your career in supply and logistics”, “Six reasons why you should consider a supply and logistics role” and "Supply and logistics top interview tips”.  

So, whatever stage of the process you are at in your transition towards a career in the industry, you’ll have the knowledge and expertise of our team to hand to maximise your chances for success! 

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Looking for vacancies or candidates in Supply & Logistics? 

The provision of high-quality roles and candidates is central to our ethos here at M&E Global – and is needless to say in light of the huge range of exciting Supply & Logistics vacancies that we fill each year with outstanding candidates.  

Therefore, if you’re an individual seeking your first role/the next step in your Supply & Logistics career, or an aviation, land or marine organisation looking for the perfect individual to fill your Supply & Logistics vacancy, contact us today...