Michal Tycner

The staff at M&E have proven to be not only resourceful but also extremely supportive with work related issues. In addition to this they also support with private challenges that one might encounter when moving to a different country.

Driving is my passion, during my first 6 months working with M&E I was fortunate to progress from Movement Control Driver to Recovery Ops.

- Michal Tycner
Valeriu Dinu

I’m currently working as a shipping receiving clerk in Mannheim, Germany and I’ve been in this role for just over two years now.

I love the variety, it’s a fast-paced role that keeps me busy every day. I really feel like my confidence has grown hugely since I’ve undertaken this role with M&E Global. The working environment is great too, the whole team in the warehouse get on and I very much enjoy working with them all.

- Valeriu Dinu
Adam Lythall

Previously I was in the military for 13.5 years before being discharged due to medical reasons. Working at M&E Global was without a doubt ideal for my transition.

Of all the people who I met when I first started my contract, about 90% were ex-military, so in a way it felt like I’d never left! We had the same banter, the same laughs - it was a real home away from home.

- Adam Lythall
Ben Welton

Working abroad is an unbeatable experience, both personally and for career development. When I saw the opportunity with M&E to work for the US military in Germany, I thought it sounded amazing – and I haven’t looked back since! 

There are plenty of opportunities for training and development for anyone who wants it. You will also learn on the job too – in fact, I’d say that I’ve learnt something new every day since I’ve been here!

Life here is great. I’ve made lots of friends, both on and off base, and there are loads of opportunities to travel and explore on the weekends. 

- Ben Welton
Ben Bunting

I like working for M&E; it’s my first job contracting since leaving the forces and they’re very switched on and experienced when it comes to dealing with ex forces people. The money is great, the support is more than adequate and they’re very helpful. Overall a good bunch of people to work for.

- Ben Bunting
Dan Ford

I have been working for M&E Global since 2010. I have always been treated fairly and loved the opportunities that have arisen for me. Love Germany, and cannot question the support and everything else that they’ve provided. 

- Dan Ford
John Morgan

I worked for M&E through many different contracts. Compared to other agencies they are defiantly one of the best I have worked for.

From start to finish you are always kept up to date of what’s going on and of any issues you may have during the contract. They help throughout and in some cases go that extra mile, beyond what should be expected. I would and have always recommended lads to M&E.

- John Morgan
June Ross

I have worked for M&E in Germany for over a year now and I can honestly say it has been a fantastic experience. They have brilliant staff who are very understanding and always on hand and more than helpful if needed. My wages have always been paid on time and never a discrepancy. I would highly recommend anyone to work for M&E.

It will be my pleasure to stay with them for the remainder of this contract here in Germany.

- June Ross