Working Overseas

For those with the appropriate experience, working overseas in a contract role is the opportunity of a lifetime, but you may be wondering just how different it can be compared to living in the UK. Popular destinations for defence contract jobs include the Middle East and Germany, where there are a variety of roles for mechanics, aviation technicians, defence experts and skilled ex-military personnel.

It’s one thing to change career, but if moving overseas at the same time sounds daunting, we’re here to put your mind at ease. We can give you the facts about language, lifestyle and the type of work you can expect, from how long you’re expected to work on a given day to the career potential in the future.

We recruit for a broad range of specialisms, from vehicle and aircraft maintenance to project and supply infrastructure support, as part of our defence contractor jobs.

We support our contract workers from the start of the recruitment process all the way through to placing you in your perfect role. We will equip you with all the information you need such as the cost of living, climate, transport details and housing and we will ensure that you are in contact with a dedicated person in your chosen job location to provide ongoing support throughout your contract.

We can also help you with:

  • Improving your CV
  • Completing your application
  • Sourcing your accommodation
  • Assisting with visa requirements
  • Face-to-face support once your contract begins
  • Medical support on the ground
  • HR support from our UK head office

Here are some examples of the locations you could find yourself in if you decide to choose a rewarding career in overseas defence contract work:


If you’ve served in the British Army, you may already have experience of working overseas in Germany. In many ways it is similar to the UK, making it a great first step if you’ve never worked in an overseas defence contract role before. However, it can also feel alien, with a different language and a set of cultural customs that varies to the UK. If your goal is to one day work further afield, for example in the Middle East, we would describe working in Germany as the ideal ‘middle ground’; you will still enjoy the familiarities and benefits of working in Europe, plus good transport connections enabling you to easily travel back home if you want to visit friends and family. There’s also the added bonus that with many postings in Germany you will be able to take your family with you.

As a well-connected country and one that relies on tourism in a number of areas, English is spoken widely – however, we’d always recommend learning some of the local language in order to feel like part of the community.

Here are some of the locations where you could work within Germany:

  • Illesheim – The town of Illesheim is situated in the chocolate-box region of Bavaria, towards the south of Germany. The area is famous for its timber-framed buildings and natural beauty.
  • Dülmen – Located between natural parkland and rolling hills in the north-west of Germany, Dülmen is known for its wild horses, extensive bike paths, large lakes and vibrant cultural scene.
  • Mannheim – The attractive city of Mannheim straddles the Rhine and Neckar rivers, close to the French border. Expect Baroque palaces and Art Nouveau gardens, a grid-like centre with excellent shopping and a wealth of historical exhibitions.

For more information on living in Germany, read our blog here.

Middle East

A job in the Middle East can be the stuff that dreams are made of: excellent weather, the chance to work with exciting technology and experiencing a vastly different culture to the UK. You may have served here with the British Army but returning as a civilian contractor offers a very different experience. Many people work in contract roles in Europe before progressing to the Middle East, where there are different cultural customs to get used to. For example, you may wake to the morning call to prayer, and your weekend starts and finishes a day earlier. The positives of a move here are many: the Middle East is globally central and a great hub for travel to the Far East and Australia, so you can use your leave allowance to experience more of the world.

You won’t need to learn Arabic or a different language as you’ll likely be working for a U.S. Military client where English will be the spoken language. Because of the nature of the work, it’s important to obtain a contract through a specialist recruiter with experience and knowledge of the Middle East.

We recruit to these locations in the Middle East:

  • Kuwait – Occupying a corner of the Arabian Peninsula, oil-rich Kuwait dazzles with modern architecture, wide desert plains and colourful souks. The state has an authentically Arab feel, best enjoyed on a stroll along the beach-lined corniche.
  • Afghanistan – Landlocked and a setting of divergence for many centuries, Afghanistan was once a part of the overland hippie trail and has beautiful mountains and a proud and welcoming people.

Get the facts about working overseas, from working hours and visas to what actually happens on moving day and whether your family can join you in our FREE guide below.

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