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Why work in the Defence Industry on Land?

The UK defence sector is one of our core sectors, and it is our aim to be the #1 provider of maintenance, supply and logistics and transportation expertise for our customers the world over. We are proud to have built a solid reputation and continue to match the right candidates with a diverse range of contract mechanic jobs.  

Some of the contract mechanic roles and other roles that we hire for include:

  • Vehicle Mechanics 
  • HGV Mechanics
  • Safety Engineers
  • Test Engineers
  • Stryker Mechanics

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The commercial UK automotive industry currently generates around £80 billion in revenue every year. This is mostly generated by 30 core manufacturers, nine engine manufacturers, and 2,500+ suppliers of component parts in the UK. 

The UK defence sector uses a range of combat and transportation vehicles with multi-billion-pound contracts regularly awarded to manufacturers to keep the military moving. 

Those who undertake contract mechanic jobs with M&E have the opportunity to work on some of the most advanced land defence equipment in the world - including M1 tanks to Humvees.

Both the commercial and defence sectors want to introduce highly skilled members with our recruiting solutions to their workforces, guaranteeing that these industries continue to sit at the centre of the British economy and defence. 

Both the commercial and defence sectors want to introduce highly skilled members to their workforces, utilising our specialised recruitment solutions, ensuring that these industries continue to sit at the centre of the British economy and defence.  

How can M&E support you to find a role in the defence industry on land? 

Whether you've worked for the Military or work on HGVs in the broader transport industry we can help you identify your key skills and find the right overseas contract role for you.

M&E Global also values those with key skills in supply and logistics and transportation too. We have a range of opportunities in permanent roles, seasonal or short contracts.  

We pride ourselves on equipping our contract workers with all the information and support that they need to make working overseas as seamless as possible for you and have a range of guides available.


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Everything you need to know about working as an overseas mechanic

Moving abroad can be an incredible experience, as well as being a truly knockout feature on any CV. 

But naturally, it is a very scary prospect. The thought of upping and moving to an entirely new country, that speaks an entirely new language,  could be potentially off-putting for most. So, we’ve put together this useful guide to help you decide whether a contract role overseas is right for you... 

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