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How To Apply

Are you looking to move on from your current role? If thinking about applying for a new job, writing a CV and attending interviews triggers feelings of dread, fear not. You’re not alone – changing jobs is one of the most daunting things you can do, particularly if it’s after a huge life change like moving overseas or leaving the military.

One of the best ways to ease the stress is to use contract work recruitment agencies, who can talk you through exactly what you’re looking for from your dream job and help you find a way to get it. A specialist recruiter, such as M&E Global, will help you to structure and write a CV, fill out the important paperwork and coach you for the job you want – it’s a tailored and holistic approach to recruitment that gets to know you as an individual, to match you with the perfect job.

So instead of spending hours scrolling through job boards, read our guide to applying for an overseas contract role below.

Interview advice

When you apply for a job at M&E Global, we’ll prepare you fully for your interview, running through the role and how your skills and experience make you a perfect match for the position, so you’ll be able to answer any question the interviewer throws at you with confidence. We believe the more prepared you are, the more likely you are to move through the process towards employment but you don’t need to wait to be offered an interview to start preparing for this part of your application, so here are a few handy tips to help you feel at ease in an interview:

  • Have some responses to stock questions. In most interviews, you will be asked similar questions, such as how you deal with urgent demands or giving examples of when you have excelled. Knowing these responses beforehand will help you to feel prepared during an interview.

  • Think of a handful of questions to ask your interviewer. This helps to ensure you appear engaged and interested in the role and the employer.

  • Gen up on key trends and events in the industry. If you’ve taken time out or don’t usually keep up with new developments, there’s a danger you may appear out of touch, so spend some time reading up on new technologies or events which may affect your role.

  • Know your skills. Make sure you have a few examples of real-life experiences at work that demonstrate your skillset.

  • Have an outfit planned. Knowing what you are going to wear on the day takes the stress out of getting dressed and means there are no nasty surprises. Ensure everything is clean, fits properly and is in good repair – it’s no good finding out you’ve lost a button or outgrown your best shirt on the morning of your interview!

  • Ask for feedback. If you don’t get a job, make sure you take the time to thank the recruiter for meeting with you and ask for feedback to help you improve for your next attempt. They may have some helpful recommendations and taking the time to say thank you is always appreciated and remembered later on. There is a good chance that a good recruiter will come back to you in the future if you made a particularly good impression.

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CV Tips and Advice

Looking to further your career with an exciting overseas contract role, perhaps as a defence mechanic? Your first step is to start writing or updating your CV. A professionally written CV will help you stand out from the crowd – but there’s no need to call in the experts. Our CV writing guide can help you to craft the perfect CV and it needn’t take hours.

Our step-by-step guide is designed to help steer you through the process, from writing a compelling personal statement outlining your motivations and skills, to listing your relevant qualifications and experience. Here are some top tips to get you started:

  • Don’t get stressed! It shouldn’t be a daunting experience. Start by writing down your skills, work experience and qualifications as bullet points and then embellish the sections as needed.

  • Keep your information succinct. A CV is there to help you get your foot in the door: you can wow the interviewer with your personality if you’re invited to interview.

  • Start with your most recent experience and qualifications first. This is what matters most to a potential recruiter – don’t make the common mistake of starting with your school qualifications and the first job you had out of training.

  • Use spellcheck. You’d be surprised at how many small mistakes slip through, and it makes your CV look sloppy.

  • Better yet – get your CV proofread by someone with an eye for spelling and grammar. If you apply for a role with M&E Global, we will coach you through writing a CV and proof your application before it’s sent to a potential employer.

  • Make sure your CV matches your LinkedIn profile – if you have one. If you don’t, it’s worth setting up an account. The networking site is useful as contract work recruitment agencies and organisations will hunt for potential candidates. Just make sure it’s up to date with your most recent skills and experience and that your dates and information reflect that of your CV.

  • Download our CV writing guide at the bottom of the page for a thorough step-by-step to writing the perfect CV.

Covering Letters

As well as your CV, you’ll need to submit a covering letter with your application. Think of a covering letter as your first impression: it needs to be engaging! Use it as a tool to introduce yourself - while your CV is a good display of your experience, a covering letter is your opportunity to show your written skills and outline your personal attributes and your motivation for applying. As with your CV, make sure you check it for spelling and grammar or have it proofread before you submit it.

Application forms

Some roles call for an application form instead of, or in addition to, a CV and covering letter. Don’t make the mistake of copy and pasting your CV information into the application form, but instead see it as another opportunity to stand out from other applicants. As well as helping you to structure your CV, at M&E Global we will also assist you with completing your application pack documents. This might be filling out information about visa requirements, housing or transportation to and from your place of work.

Career planning

You might not be in the perfect place now for your dream job, but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan ahead. It’s worth setting out some goals for the future: do you want to move overseas for more opportunities? Are you looking to earn more money to provide for your family? Is a greater level of responsibility something that you crave in your day-to-day job? Writing down your goals can help you to plan your career so that you can work towards them every day. That might be building on your experience as a mechanic on a particular type of aircraft, or perhaps completing more qualifications to help you climb the career ladder.

Tell your recruiter what your ultimate goals are: contract work recruitment agencies can help you get there by suggesting ways to market your skills and experience to your best advantage. Remember: every journey begins with a first step!

download the guide now

If you’re about to start writing your CV or struggling to put words on paper, our guide on how to write a perfect mechanic CV can help. Download it now for a wealth of industry-specialised advice.

In this download, we can help you:

  • Outline your motivation for changing roles

  • Write and format a CV and personal statement

  • Create an application to attract potential employers

  • Include your non-industry experience

  • Explain career gaps, for example after the military

If you are keen to progress your career and are interested in finding out how to tailor the perfect CV to an overseas contract role, download your free CV writing guide today.

download the guide now