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Equality and Diversity Policy

M&E Equality and Diversity Policy

Our belief is that our success is a direct result of the experience and quality of our employees. We are, therefore, committed to focusing our employment procedures and practices on maximising the potential of each unique individual. We believe this is best achieved by developing our employees’ talents, whilst recognising their differences.

By treating people fairly and equally and by accepting and embracing their diversity, we can also improve our market competitiveness, foster innovation, enhance our corporate social responsibility and create an inclusive and positive working environment for all employees.

It is the policy of the Company that no person acting on our behalf shall discriminate in any situation against another individual or group, directly or indirectly, because of age, sex, disability, gender re-assignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion and belief and sexual orientation.

These principles apply to recruitment selection, training, promotion, transfer, pay and benefits and performance appraisal procedures, in addition to all terms and conditions of employment.


This Policy covers all M&E Global Resources Ltd and employees, regardless of position or status, plus contractors, subcontractors and recruitment Candidates.


  • To ensure equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace and community

  • To offer fair treatment in every aspect of the working life in M&E Global, from our written procedures through to every decision made

  • To promote a culture where each employee, colleague and candidate is treated with respect and dignity and recognises the value that a diverse workforce can bring

To achieve these aims, M&E Global Resources Ltd commits to the following:

  • Ensure that the principles of this Policy are embedded in all procedures of our business

  • Provide awareness training and guidance to all employees to ensure M&E Global Resources Ltd commitment to diversity is known and understood.

  • Challenge and investigate discriminatory behaviour including enforcing disciplinary procedure, when this is considered necessary

  • Support all staff in promoting equality and diversity across our business, including candidates and clients

  • Communicate and regularly review any initiatives identified and ensure access for all, implementing when deemed suitable as a part of our Continuous Improvement programme

  • Support the communities in which we live and work to ensure that we are involved, accessible and socially responsible

  • Work with external groups and advisory bodies to keep up to date with market practice and how issues are dealt with.

Recruitment (Internal)

M&E Global Resources Ltd recruitment and selection procedure is based solely on the necessary and justifiable job requirements and the individual’s suitability.

Job profiles are drawn up and used for every post. Where posts are advertised externally, consideration is given to the most appropriate outlets to ensure that a wide range of potentially suitable applicants have the opportunity to apply.

Selection methods, including interviews, are conducted in accordance with documented and standardised procedures and checklists, designed to ensure that discrimination forms no part of the recruitment process. The objective is to make each appointment or client introduction on the grounds of selecting the most suitable candidate for the post.

Training and Development

All M&E Global Resources Ltd staff are given the opportunity to take part in both job specific training and have an individual Performance Plan designed to promote their opportunities and career advancement.