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Reservist Policy

M&E Reservist Policy

​M&E Global Resources Ltd (“the Company”) employ personnel who are members of the Reserve Forces. As a company, we recognise the important contribution that Reservists make to the UK Armed Forces, their communities, the civilian workplace and the nation as a whole and continue to pledge our support to current members and those wishing to join the Reserve Forces. Furthermore, we recognise and acknowledge the training undertaken by Reservists and the manner in which it enables them to develop the skills that benefit both the individual, our company and our clients.

The Company will not disadvantage those Reservists who notify us of their Reserve status or those Reservists who are made known to the Company directly by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and will enable the release of Reservists for attendance at Reserve Forces Training events for up to two weeks over and above the individuals usual annual leave entitlement.


The Company will continue to treat the contract worker agreements of personnel mobilised for Reserve Service as operable throughout the period of such service and there will be no loss of continuous service or service related benefits providing the individual has followed the correction notification procedure under The Reserve Forces Act (Safeguarding of Employment) Act 1985.

Pre-mobilisation, our HR Manager will discuss mobilisation procedures with the Reservist to ensure that all paperwork is completed, any handover requirements are addressed and actioned and ensure that arrangements are made for efficient communications to be maintained throughout the period of mobilisation.

Post-mobilisation we will ensure that we and the Reservist fulfil all return-to-work obligations and after care support.


The MoD will assume responsibility for the Reservist’s salary for the duration of their mobilisation. They will pay a basic salary according to the Reservist’s military rank. If this basic element is less than the Reservist receives from the Company, it is the Reservist’s responsibility to apply to the MoD for the difference to ensure that they suffer no loss of earnings. This is known as a Reservist Award.

The Company is not required to pay the Reservist’s salary during the period of mobilisation.


If the Reservist is a member of the Company pension scheme and the employer suspends the employer contribution, and the Reservist chooses to remain within it, then the MoD will make the employer contributions for the period of mobilisation, as long as the Reservist continues to make their personal contributions.

Annual Leave

Reservists are encouraged to take any accrued annual leave before mobilisation. The Company is not obliged to accrue annual leave for a Reservist during the period of mobilisation. When they demobilise, Reservists are entitled to a period of post-operational leave (POL) and during this period they will continue to be paid by the MoD.


In accordance with The Reserve Forces (Safeguarding of Employment) Act 1985, a Reservist’s employment cannot be terminated on the grounds of their military duties or their liability to be mobilised.

Sick Pay

During the period of mobilisation the Reservist will continue to accrue any rights to service-related Company sick pay. Should a Reservist become sick or injured during mobilisation they will be covered by Defence Medical Services and any financial assistance will continue to be received (including pay) until demobilised. If the sickness or injury continues and this results in early demobilisation, the Reservist will remain covered by Defence until the last day of paid military leave.

Return to work

Both the Reservist and the company have obligations under The Reserve Forces (Safeguarding of Employment Act) 1985 regarding the return to work process.  

The Reservist must write to the Company by the third Monday after their last day of military service making their request to return to work and suggesting a date which should fall within 6 weeks of their last day of full-time service. This letter formally starts the return to work process. The Company asks that the Reservist also informally contacts the Company to discuss their return to work at the earliest opportunity whether by email, telephone call or meeting.

The Company will reinstate the Reservist, where possible to their former role, and if not, to a mutually acceptable role on the same terms and conditions prior to mobilisation.